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Custom Wood Surfboards
Custom Wood Surfboards

For almost 45 years my life has centered on my passion for surfing and the  building of surfboards. Creating the perfect surfboard has been a goal of mine for many years.



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Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez
The human spirit of all those who surf, no matter where you're from, is consistent. All of us who surf have respect for the worlds oceans making us a very lucky and special group of blessed people. Those who surf have chosen to do so.
Out of all of the things we could've done in our lives why did we decide to become surfers?  Thats because we are a part of a tribe. There's good guys in the tribe and bad guys, but we're all one tribe. We can meet someone half way around the world which surfs and strike up a conversation because we are of one tribe. Everyone who surfs and travels knows this and most of us have experienced it in one way or another w
Drilled nation 

Bali offers over 20 top-quality breaks on the southwest and southeast coasts of the island and around the Bukit Peninsula. Some of these breaks like Padang Padang & Uluwatu are world class barreling reef breaks. Others range from good fun like the beach breaks around Kuta and Sanur to serious heavy sucking bowls.
Packages starting at $1,200 per person.